Tandem skydiving at Parachute Montreal

29 route 125, Saint-Esprit (Quebec) J0K 2L0

1 877 PARA-MTL

Freefalling from your very first jump with the P.F.F. program

Once you've completed your first tandem jump, you're ready to earn your skydiving license (solo certification). Learn to freefall and skydive all by yourself!

Progressive Freefall (P.F.F.)

All skydives in the course of our skydiver training program are made from an altitude of 4,000 meters (13,500 feet).

Our training program includes:

  • Ground school classroom training (4 hours)
  • A 20-minute flight session inside the wind tunnel (introduction to freefall)
  • 1 jump with 2 instructors
  • 4 jumps with 1 instructor
  • 3 solo skydives
  • 1 graduation skydive, filmed and archived to DVD
  • Digital photographs
  • Skydiver's handbook
  • Log book
  • Skydiving goggles

Total program cost is $1,531.71 plus tax.

Note that Canadian Sport Parachuting Association fees are extra. An additional $134.00 must be paid to the C.S.P.A. for your membership and the processing of your Solo skydiving license certificate.

Further skydiving adventures

Your solo certification is only the beginning! You can then explore various jump techniques, learn formation skydiving (jumping in a group), train inside the wind tunnel freefall simulator and more!